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The Phillips Collection

2015 Introductions

Phillips Collection Boulder Shelves 2 Phillips Collection Boulder Shelves 1
Boulder Shelves in Gold Leaf
Functional and beautiful. The Bolder Self is a cheerful addition to any wall. The shelves are gold leafed by hand. The attention to detail is exceptional and makes these pieces a true standout.

 Phillips Collection Floating Chamcha Wood Coffee Table, Acrylic Legs Phillips Collection Floating Chamcha Wood Coffee Table, Acrylic Legs Top 
Floating Chamcha Wood Coffee Table, Acrylic Legs, 54x51x16”h
A unique play on a traditional coffee table, this Chamcha Coffee Table design is highlighted with acrylic legs. The Chamcha wood comes from the Acacia tree in Northern Thailand. Once the trees are fallen they are recycled into beautiful one of a kind pieces. This design serves as a unique focal point of any space.

 Phillips Collection Rosewood Strip Coffee TablePhillips Collection Rosewood Strip Coffee Table Top
Rosewood Strip Coffee Table 39x39x18”h
Stunning and contemporary, the Rosewood Strip Coffee Table is constructed by a variety of natural woods. The piece has varying strips of light and dark brown stains; creating a unique appeal to the coffee table.