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Erinn V.

The Wedgewood Sofa

EVcollectionThe Wedgewood Sofa
An update to the all time classic Chesterfield. This piece can sit anywhere in the room or in front of a window with strikign effect. Invites tete-a-tete converstaion with friends. Nailhead and piping detail. Hand carved wood base.

About Erinn V.
Born and raised among Northern California’s expansive and abundant farmlands, Erinn Valencich is used to broad horizons and infinite possibilities. In 2004, she launched California-based Erinn V Design Group, a ultifaceted umbrella for her multiplicity of design projects. In ten years, she has built a dynamic design practice for a wide range of lifestyles in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and New York. Erinn has many celebrity clients including Emmy-winning actress Jaime Pressly, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mila Kunis, Gordon Ramsay and Mike Epps among others. In addition to her residential work, EVDG recently completed a 650-room hotel and casino in Las Vegas, The Downtown Grand, including five restaurants and a nightclub.